Shellfish's route in Cambados

90,00€ / group
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Join the fisherwomen from Cambados, in Galicia. They are dressed in traditional waterproof boots and works on the beach and collecting all kinds of clams, cockles, knives ... Learn all the secrets of the shellfishing process from extraction to the commercialization in this marine tourism excursion, that is realized all year and that includes a visit to the traditional sailor district of Santo Tomé. And to conclude this authentic shellfishing route, the "Redeiras" offers a small handmade bag as a gift, with different species of shellfishes from the area and a shellfish guide. This excursion, which includes the seafood for free, has a fixed price and is reserved for a group of 10 people, even if you do not reach that number. If the schedule changes depending on tides, we will let you know.