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Pescaturismo, trying to bring fishing closer to society

For a few months now, in Mallorca, there have been small groups of tourists who get up early to embark at 5 in the morning on a series of fishing boats that depart from different ports on the island, depending on their capacity and availability. These are "fishing excursions" adapted to everyone's needs, but they are a reflection of the "real" activities of fishermen to show the art of catching octopus, lobster or mullet, to give three examples of emblematic commercial species. If it is summer, visitors may be lucky enough to be able to take a quick dip while one of the crew prepares fish rice or grilled cuttlefish. It is the same lunch that the fishermen would make for themselves, but they share it. The Mallorcan startup, which has already managed more than 700 reservations through its multi-platform web, will also operate in Barcelona from 2018.

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